Wednesday, May 27, 2009

working on smaller needle felting

I have to go to work in about 5 minutes but wanted to get on some of the pictures my BF took of some of the mini-felt I have been working on..bunny Foofoo, ninja and panther in sweater . The "metal dude" is something I bought him on Etsy .Will write more about all this tomorrow if I'm not to tired from my 16 hour shift .

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dragonator or dinogator ?

I started making a tail for this...uhm, dinosaur/dragon ? and thought it looked rather alligatory . So, being a literalist, decided to take it to the next step . When this gator says..."dude, I got your back" it should be...."Dude, I AM your back " Look for more anthropomorphic?chimera critters to come .

I have a few of those big headed animal stuffed toys and decided to make my own but BF says the poor thing looks like it would have trouble walking and I need to make it a wheel chair .and I was contemplating this task when we stumbled upon a magic carriage at the thrift store . For 29 cents...AND, if you push the stars on it it says several phrases like..."Lets go to fairy land !" and "Climb in the magic carriage" . Now, I just have to make some"thing" to pull the carriage..I'm thinking perhaps a turtle with a Llama head ? Hope to get some better pictures when I am done as I was losing the day light when I took these and they are not very clear .

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New neede felt critter...what is it?

Over half a pound of wool and a foot high, this is one of
the largest needle felt sculptures I have tried.
He is constructed with Romney, a little Merino and some new fiber...his hair...that the seller claimed is Romney but is the oddest Romney I have ever seen . It actually feels like a cross of Merino and Romney . Not quit as soft and fluffy as Merino but not as coarse and curly as the Romney .....Is there more then one type of Romney ? Looks like I need to do a bit of research .

I did get to try some new needles that I traded one of my sculptures for at Shepherd's Harvest . I plan on blogging about the needles tomorrow and hope to have my "dragonish" sculpture done .

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shepherd's Harvest Festival...My first year

These guys are a big part of why I wanted to go to Shepherd's Harvest . I think they have about the most beautiful face of any animal I have ever seen . My introduction to them was through some gorgeous fiber I bought from Alpaca Granny on Etsy . It was the softest thing I had ever touched and it was instant love . Some of the alpaca and Llama at the show were shy but others came right up for a kiss .

This was the first time I publicly showed my felting . These are my needle felted items at the booth I shared with my friend Jane, from A Tranquil Nook .I still haven't listed most of my items on Etsy in my "Stars Apon Thars"shop....because I don't take very good pictures and hate describing items in flowery language but hope to get some items up by the middle or end of may .
I did finally get my needle felt bags finished but still ended up not getting several projects done by show time and didn't price anything until the hour we opened . I ended up using place marker cards and pricing similar items at one price as I didn't have time to add tags to everything . Hope that didn't confuse people to much . I really hope that I will be more prepared if I get to vend next year .
This is the wonderful women who has kept me creating when I have lost faith in myself . Jane and I met on Etsy and have been email buddies for the past year but this was our first time meeting in "real life" AND setting up a booth together . It was a little stressful as we are both shy but I certainly had a great time getting to know her better this weekend . Although she is a seasoned felter and sewer, she does share my desire to keep creating new designs and not just stick with one thing . You can see her items on Etsy under A Tranquil Nook or Glorious Hats . Another fun thing we got to do at SH was hopefully turn some crafters into felt enthusiast . Jane demonstrated how to make wet felted balls "the correct way" and I worked on a needle felt sculpture and shared my conviction that needle felting is the best craft EVER , lol.

This is the first sculpture I have ever sold and he went home with a wonderful couple who like to support new crafters/artist . They will probably never see this but I just want to share how touched I was that they were willing to give a new crafter a chance .
This is the same couples, adorable Golden Retriever puppy that I fell in love with . As soft as the Alpaca (but a lot friendlier). This little bundle of fuzzy energy got lots of attention at the show and charmed me out of one of my needle felt animal toys which he seemed to enjoy . For the trivia lovers, his grandmother was also at the show and is a blue ribbon prize winner. I don't know her age but she was also very cute and soft .

Saturday, May 2, 2009

SHepherds Harvest Festival....Less then a week away...EEECK!

Wow, am I nervous . Shepherd's Harvest is my first ever craft show and I have so many last minute details to get done but am unfortunately working 12 hour nights until Wednesday . I know it will be a great learning experience and I am so excited to be able to meet two Internet fiber friends there but....
will I get everything done in time ?

One of my biggest organizational problems...thanks to Aspergers, is prioritizing . I get so lost in the details of everything that I can't seem to see the forest for the trees . I find that odd, as I am a very logical person in many other respects but this one skill seems to elude me .

An example ? For the past few days I have had an idea to make some fairies and snails because I had found some tiny dolls and large snail shells at the thrift store that I thought were cute . I know that I still need to finish several 80% done felting projects before the show and should not be working on creating anything new, but....I kept seeing the snails and dolls in my mind and they were calling me . I wanted to see what they would look like and the curiosity was just killing me .
So last night, instead of finishing up the bags that still need linings and closures, or the necklace pendant that still need loops for hanging, I made a fairy riding a snail .
The snail shells were boiled with some blue dye and coated with shimmering modge podge, which I also used on the fairy wings and the fairy after painting her blue . She is dressed in a feather boa and scraps of silk with wool yarn hair wrap and booties . .....
back to work, will see if I actually finish some more "almost done" items or feel compelled to work on some more fairies and snails .


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