Sunday, May 17, 2009

New neede felt critter...what is it?

Over half a pound of wool and a foot high, this is one of
the largest needle felt sculptures I have tried.
He is constructed with Romney, a little Merino and some new fiber...his hair...that the seller claimed is Romney but is the oddest Romney I have ever seen . It actually feels like a cross of Merino and Romney . Not quit as soft and fluffy as Merino but not as coarse and curly as the Romney .....Is there more then one type of Romney ? Looks like I need to do a bit of research .

I did get to try some new needles that I traded one of my sculptures for at Shepherd's Harvest . I plan on blogging about the needles tomorrow and hope to have my "dragonish" sculpture done .


  1. Jaw Drops. Oh MY Gosh! Krex, you have reached another level. Each piece is logarithmically better. Character, style, movement, technique. You have indeed found your medium. The color, the face, the firmness of body, the flow and fluff of hair. The position, it looks like it will get up and either play or scare me any minute, so full of life it seems.

  2. Oh, my gosh, Denise - that is better (by quite a bit) than a lot of the stuff I am seeing on television! This and your dinogator - so much expression and character, very professional. Seriously, I think you have hit on something important, something that expresses your heart and soul in a big way. Congrats!!



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