Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dragonator or dinogator ?

I started making a tail for this...uhm, dinosaur/dragon ? and thought it looked rather alligatory . So, being a literalist, decided to take it to the next step . When this gator says..."dude, I got your back" it should be...."Dude, I AM your back " Look for more anthropomorphic?chimera critters to come .

I have a few of those big headed animal stuffed toys and decided to make my own but BF says the poor thing looks like it would have trouble walking and I need to make it a wheel chair .and I was contemplating this task when we stumbled upon a magic carriage at the thrift store . For 29 cents...AND, if you push the stars on it it says several phrases like..."Lets go to fairy land !" and "Climb in the magic carriage" . Now, I just have to make some"thing" to pull the carriage..I'm thinking perhaps a turtle with a Llama head ? Hope to get some better pictures when I am done as I was losing the day light when I took these and they are not very clear .

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