Friday, September 12, 2008

One of my projects for my days off is these new " Ink Blot Test"bamboo beads. Not a great photo but I loved the sea blue green and gold colors and am using a new technique that I think turned out "interesting". I am not a huge fan of abstract, but I do enjoy looking at ink blots and finding "things" in them...must be the Psych degree . On the other side a will use warm fall tones and edge both sides in an antique gold leaf paint. These are part of my "flip it" series of beads...( two necklaces in one), to wear with different "out fits" . I'm not sure if I should string them with leather...fake leather, copper link or stone beads...maybe make a few of each.
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  1. oooohhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh am liking these. really neat. You rock!



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