Friday, September 12, 2008

I had quit a bit of paint leftover from my bamboo beads and was so in love with the color that I decided to experiment. This is my "concept" of an underwater ocean on my home planet. The black squiggles are mermaids, in case you can't tell. My camera does not seem to want to take pictures of "shiny"...need to work on that, perhaps a picture outside next time. This is my favorite color of blue green and I love the antique gold floating in the water. I think my mermaids could use a bit of refining but I can "see them", so maybe others can as well? I'm excited to do some more experimenting with this technique with some fall colors...maybe a cool and warm series ? Making stuff is so fun, I'm sad that more people don't do it because they "think" you have to go to art school to create. Humans are born to create...even those of us that can't draw. I give full credit to this phylosophy to my parents who let me take craft/art classes when I was still in grade school.(It's sad that some schools seem to think it's OK to cut the budgets on these types of classes because some kids aren't as lucky as I was to have parents who could afford my craft supplies and classes). I hope parents are speaking up about this in their kids schools. Learning art technique is not what is important about these classes but learning how to visualize to create can be applied to all parts of a persons life....*(hops of soap box and wonders what she can make with it).
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