Friday, October 19, 2012

Apoxy Sculpt + Little Miss No Name doll+ needle felting+beading

I spent a good 15 hours removing her old hair and rooting in mohair with front highlights of silk to make my no "Little Miss No Name" doll into an alien . I also replaced the eyes and made lids, cheeks and pointed ears out of Apoxy sculpt . I can tell you now that I am going to have a very fun winter with this stuff . It works great on the plastic and latex doll .  I made a huge mistake rushing the process and not spending more time blending in the edges . (live and learn_ ) She has some lovely fur lashes and is painted with multiple layers of blued wood glue with a sealer ....all in all, I give myself a C for end result but an A for patience in painting and rooting hair since the whole process took most of the week . I have several other less expensive dolls that I plan on being a bit more creative with horns, textured skin and layers of leather and fur .

 The previous week I made her two fuzzy friends
 .....and beaded a few needle felt bangles which I made several years ago (talk about WIP),
I also made small steps toward opening my Etsy shop by joining so I can weigh and mail out packages . I still am not satisfied with the tags I have for my animals so I have some supplies coming in a few weeks that I hope they will work .

Hope all of you are still exploring and enjoying making things....when it comes to crafting , the more I learn, the more I want to know so it will great to play around a bit more with the new sculpting medium and I have a cheap little rotary tool winging it's way here, so stay tuned

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