Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alpaca,Llama,Mohair amd wool needle felt animals

 The above critters are a blend of fibers with wool needle felted sculpture an added thick layer of alpaca, llama and mohair felted into base and then reverse felted . It takes almost as long to do the reverse felting  as it does to shape the base sculpture , about 50-60 hours total for each animal . Below is the guy I worked on all last week and I did add the leather lids with mohair lashes but I still need to find a better way to do them . The hardest part is getting the lashes to curl up . I ended up using hairspray but that leaves them spikier then I would like .

One of the things I have always wanted to mention about working with animal fibers is that it actually has "memory" . You can see on the new animal below that one ear is open and one is curled . Although they are not wired, you can actually do some basic repositioning and they will stay that way until you reposition them .
 Below, I am holding the arm up and when I let go, you can see that it retains some of that movement and then you can simply return it to original position . Although the animals are very firmly felted, they still have some natural movement if you want to move their arms, head or legs . I just think that is pretty cool .

Now I just need to get a green screen so I can do some stop motion movies with them . (That will never happen because I am so tech stupid but maybe someone else will try it ?)

Happy felting .


  1. What fun! I think you should totally look into making movies! I've always wanted to try. There are a bunch of Apps now that make creating stop-motion movies really easy! PLUS you don't need a green screen, I think it would be funny to see your animals in funny places just hang'n out!

  2. Thanks for visiting Chrissy . I am just waiting for the temperature to get below 70, maybe get out and take some fall tree pictures in Duluth . I really want to do a big landscape picture placing them randomly in the woods and making a "find Waldo" type poster, but my ideas are always bigger then my energy so who knows if it will ever happen .

  3. Adorable little creatures, i love their eyes. I didn't know that the fibres of felting had memory, that gives so much more possibilities. They would be perfect in a stop motion movie.



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