Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Animals with attitudes...from Emo to psychopath

After days of rain and clouds, I finally got to take a picture of my first 4 animals since Shepherds Harvest . Several people commented that my animals looked a bit "Peeved" if not down right hostile . So this week I tried to focus on making them look a bit less like serial killers .

The little guy furthest right looks a bit "agitated" but second from the left appears to be smirking to himself after playing a nasty practical joke...(.evidently on the bunny who looks like she might start crying any second) . I think the first guy on the left looks like the epitome of self-righteous indignation but perhaps I am projecting a bit much ? "They" say that people with Aspergers can not see non-verbal communication but I know what I see when I look at my animals faces, I just don't know how to make them look happy....Effexor perhaps ?

It looks like I can continue to try to make animals that look like friendly Walt Disney critters or learn to market these as......." Animals with attitude from Emo to psychopath "


  1. Well, I do have to admit that the ones on either end seem a bit miffy. The one on the left looks like Wilford Brimley after someone has stolen his oatmeal... And the bunny does look sad. Sweet, though. The other one looks a bit like s/he has a fun secret, but not necessarily a nasty one. Give your poor babies a break - you are being too critical, of them and yourself!

  2. Thanks for the input Eileen . I personally like most of my new animals but I'm just worried many people wont want to buy pissed off looking animals....especially if they all ready have 3 year olds or teens in the house .



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