Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nuno felting with peacock silk

 I really thought I had already blogged my experiments with my new silk but can't seem to find the post, so here is a shorter version . Above and below is some of the fabric I bough recently on Ebay . (I checked Etsy first but didn't find much selection . )

This material came from Asia, so the wait time was longer but the price wasn't bad for the quality of the material . The first is a very sheer material, I think synthetic with some lovely peacock feathers embellished on it . Very glittery and fun to work with . I cut around the felather on the edge and laid my roving over them and was suprised how well the wool felted in . The edges were thick enough to create a smooth wool and the finer bits I placed between the embellishments gave the fabric a nice crinkled look .
 Below are the spring silks that I will be working with in the next few weeks before SH .
 Some of the material is chiffon but there is also a bit of "china silk" which has a tighter weave, a real challenge for me to felt .
 Above is the "china silk" Habatoi ? (spell check doesn't know ) This layout show how I do my edging on cut edges....I fold it back a few inches and lay down a thin bottom layer, then cover that with the edges and lay another thin layer on top .( Sure beats hand sewing rolled hems when it takes you 5 min to thread the needle )
 Above is the synthetic fiber with the embellished feathers . (Sorry for the bad pictures but it's been a cloudy winter in MN . ) Below is the "china silk" with peacock feather print .
 This is my third piece....the china silk with merino/silk collar .

I have several new projects to share this coming week....making labels for your items, dog collars from vintage sari fabric and wool and a few up-coming selling events<-----scary !

Happy felting !


  1. gosh you have been busy! you've made great pieces with your new fabric :)

    good luck for your forthcoming selling events :)x

  2. Thanks, not much design work to them but I do love the fabric and hope to get a bit more experimental now that I know how it felts .

  3. I do long to get to grips with nuno felting, one day I hope to get back to it. Thank you for your message recently - we decided today to go to our shelter, and although I will grieve for Archie a long time, we have bought home two young boys who are very shy and need some love. I hope they will soon settle and become part of the family. xx

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you have given two new kitties a chance to share your home and hope to see them on your blog .

  5. Oh what lovely fabrics you have found to play with - That sheer peacock fabric is delish!
    I love the pieces that you are creating x



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