Friday, February 11, 2011

wet felted smock "take 2"

This isn't much of a tutorial because I am still working out a pattern idea .

What I see in my head is a light weight collar and area to cover the ...uhm, chest area, with silk chiffon ruffled fabric hanging from the bottom of the nuno bodice to waist . What I need to work out is. how long does the felted part need to be so that your "naught bits" are covered . Since I intended this to be a spring top, I don't want the felt to be to thick....(which it is here, due to one to many layers of merino/tencel . ) Ideally, the chiffon, silk mesh or cotton mesh would start right beneath the collar area to form a nuno bodice very little fiber would need to be added to make the fabric not transparent . Make sense ? However, I didn't have the chiffon yet, so I decided to make a solid fabric and do a bit of cutting and sewing experiments before I began the nuno felting with "take 3" once the fabric arrives  .

You can see the basic pattern here, but I am not a pattern maker, (uhmm, stating the obvious again), so this still needs some major tweaking before I can figure out the measurements of future layouts . Just thought I would share the whole learning process and hope that some day I will actually conclude with something wearable . If not....I can always cut the felt experiments up to make small bags and cuffs which is what this piece is bound for.... No waste in felting .
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