Sunday, June 13, 2010

needle felt animals, fuzzy forest friends

I have been felting but the weather has been to gloomy to take any good pictures....welcome to MN, I guess we have to be either raining or snowing to keep those 10,000 lakes full .

The above four critters are members of my own weird forest . I've also been working on several wet felted bags and needle felted bracelets that I am beading tonight, hope to get some photos of them permitting .


  1. Loving their facial expressions! :)

  2. Thanks Kelly, they are really fun to make because I never know how they will turn out's like meeting a new surprise friend .

  3. So cute ! Imagine the mischief they'd get up to if like in 'Toy Story' they came to life in your absence!

  4. Absolutely amazing all of them! astonishing work!



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