Monday, January 14, 2013

New Felt critters and a bit of bling from Top Hatter

Above are my latest critters with my new home-made glass eyes...........

They are glass half rounds that I ordered from Alibaba  and painted the back with some nail enamal...I need to find a better paint as this stuff is toxic and gave me a headache . Since the paint is not exposed but facing down it doesn't really need to be this hard-core but I do love the sparkle of the nail polish . I may play around with some water based varnish mixed with dye and glitter to see what I can come up with .

Above are 3 animals I felted last year and just got around to doing reverse felting to make them fuzzy . It doesn't make them look much better in a photo but it's a world of difference to touch and to see close-up . (The large chicken egg is for size reference)

I also bought some name tags for my critters and some stamps to make them name tags but....they are such solid metal the stamps barely make a dent and is super noisy . I will keep working on it but need to remember to wear earplugs next try .

I have taken some time off from felting do to some shoulder/back pain . Needle felting can be harder on your body then it might look, especially the large animals I do . During that break, I decided to make some gifts for my family for Christmas and in spite of my vow to not buy more beads since I hate beading...I stumbled on a new obsession ......TopHatter . It's an on line auction site that is in a virtual reality . I plan on doing an article about them soon but for is a small part of the loot I have scored in the past few months..........

Some of it has already been sent in the form of trinkets to my family but you can see the "extra bits" that I still have for future projects . Most is planned for items to make and sell but the fake fur Lynx coat which is barely visible  on the edge of picture and the computer Tablet which is a cheap little China knock off...are Christmas presents to me from money given from my brother and mother in law . So thanks for the gifts....I love them !!!

Tophatter is very addictive and very dangerous for people who don't have a lot of money but like sparkly things . Stay away from electronics and read descriptions VERY carefully before bidding . I will give a better report later but taataa for now .


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