Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nuno felting with peacock silk

 I really thought I had already blogged my experiments with my new silk but can't seem to find the post, so here is a shorter version . Above and below is some of the fabric I bough recently on Ebay . (I checked Etsy first but didn't find much selection . )

This material came from Asia, so the wait time was longer but the price wasn't bad for the quality of the material . The first is a very sheer material, I think synthetic with some lovely peacock feathers embellished on it . Very glittery and fun to work with . I cut around the felather on the edge and laid my roving over them and was suprised how well the wool felted in . The edges were thick enough to create a smooth wool and the finer bits I placed between the embellishments gave the fabric a nice crinkled look .
 Below are the spring silks that I will be working with in the next few weeks before SH .
 Some of the material is chiffon but there is also a bit of "china silk" which has a tighter weave, a real challenge for me to felt .
 Above is the "china silk" Habatoi ? (spell check doesn't know ) This layout show how I do my edging on cut edges....I fold it back a few inches and lay down a thin bottom layer, then cover that with the edges and lay another thin layer on top .( Sure beats hand sewing rolled hems when it takes you 5 min to thread the needle )
 Above is the synthetic fiber with the embellished feathers . (Sorry for the bad pictures but it's been a cloudy winter in MN . ) Below is the "china silk" with peacock feather print .
 This is my third piece....the china silk with merino/silk collar .

I have several new projects to share this coming week....making labels for your items, dog collars from vintage sari fabric and wool and a few up-coming selling events<-----scary !

Happy felting !

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I love Onion news even when peeling the layers of sarcasim makes me cry

Just thought I might share a smile until the sun returns so I can take pictures of some new felt and label making tutorials .

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A weird new fabric for nuno felting...and stuff

TMI ALERT.......I apologize in advance for any more then my usual typo's and weirder then usual sentence structure . An interesting thing happened on the way to my brain today . I evidently forgot to take my Effexor yesterday and took them late today and am getting to experience the wonderful side effect of detoxing off "short half life" meds. . I had been warned that it could cause headaches and brain shocks, but I am experiencing something else entirely . It feels as if I just finished off a 12 pack of some kind of alcoholic elixir . Having been sober over 20 years, amazing I still recall what that feels like, but I guess some things we never forget . Anyway, my brain is buzzing and foggy but in a sort of pleasant way . Makes me wonder what kind of brain damage these chemicals maybe actually be doing to my neural pathways but I will try and not dwell on it as it allows me to function enough to work . On a side note...I have often wondered if that is how some anti-anxiety/depressants do work....after all, if ignorance is bliss....a little brain damage may help some of function happier in an often frustratingly absurd world .

...and back to felt we go.....
 So, this is the newest experiment using this weird fabric I found thrifting . I have no idea what it is actually made of but it is semi-stiff and metallic but light weight and open pored . I think this is intended for curtains but I thought the metal look would be a cool effect beneath some light chiffon . Well, I like the results even though I usually avoid synthetics because I can't tolerate the texture .
 I covered the top of the fabric (seen as light blue and tangerine with white patterning),  with merino wool on both sides and then laid some silk caps on as decoration . The bottom part has the same merino but looks like a lighter orange and green because the yellow/metallic fabric blends and alters the dyed roving colors . You really need to double click the picture to see the detail of the texture created . Being someone who loves texture and dimension . I'm really happy with the lightly rippled effect of the felted stiff fabric .
 The above side shows the merino only side with the sewn bottom edge of the fabric peaking out . As to what it is, well you know I don't actually make clothing so I'm not sure what to do with it . As is, you could use it as a skirt over leggings or a cape . I;m much better at starting projects then finishing them but I'm sure I'll find something to do with it .
 (A better close up of texture .) It does make me curious to see if I can find something similar in a silk that has a more pleasant next to the skin feel but if you wear the merino side next to the skin, it should work OK .
 Above photo was the first experiment with this fabric . The layout was only on top edge and layered as follows....thin layer of merino, some hand dyed silk chiffon, merino, weird fabric, merino and a bit of silk caps and loose silk fibers . Below, I lifted the silk chiffon so you could see the weird fabric beneath . Because this was intended as the underneath might need to wear some kind of leggings beneath unless synthetics don't bother you .
 It's hard to get a good picture of shiny material but this looks like spun gold to me and has a cool effect beneath the thin chiffon .
 Above is a bit of a close up of the edge to see how well the 6 thin layers felted together . I was actually surprised how firmly it all melded together yet stayed light and pliable .
 Above and below are two very different sides to the same table topper . I still think it's cool that you can make wet felt "reversible fabric" for 2 different looks from the same piece of "fabric" . It also keeps me from getting bored when I'm laying out my wool fibers . Considering the layout takes me almost as long as the rolling and felting...I like to play with different fibers, textures and colors . If I could only work in white or black wool, I wouldn't be felting . The fun for me is in playing with color and texture .
 Lots of silk, mohair and merino....yummy shine . The bottom shows the two sides over lapping . They sort of "go together" if you wanted to lay it on the table like that .

That's it for last month . I did spend the last few days deconstructing some thrift"score" fur and leather clothes/coats, so expect to see that incorporated into some felted experiments....(sewn, not felted in) . I know that other animal lovers are apposed to using these materials but I can't stand the idea that some animal died and then it's going to end up in some garbage pile . I would much prefer to think it will "live on" as a piece of art and anyone who cares to recycle bits of me after I'm dead , your welcome to me . I certainly prefer that to the idea of rotting in grave, taking up land and ....oh, pardon, is my hippy showing ?

Happy spring....(it's 19 degree here but I'm feeling very optimistic ) .


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